CJ Rosenbaum

Founder & Attorney, Rosenbaum Famularo P.C.

CJ started representing Amazon sellers when he learned that Amazon suspends sellers' accounts without reason. In any other business, you can simply rent another space if your store is closed down. When Amazon suspends you, they own the entire planet. His law firm Amazon Sellers Lawyer helps sellers address account suspensions, complaints and violations. His firm has branches in New York, London and Shenzhen. He holds executive positions at American Association for Justice and New York State Bar Association.

Presentation Topic

Protecting Your Brand on Amazon: Trademarks, Copyright, Patents and Hijackers

An In this presentation, CJ will cover all you need to know about protecting your brand on Amazon. He will talk about trademarks, copyright and patents. He will also discuss strategies to deal with hijackers. A must-attend if you're just starting to sell on Amazon.

Offer for Summit attendees

Get a free printed copy of CJ's latest book, Amazon Suspensions 2017-2018. Retail price: $14.99. The book contains the latest information about preventing Amazon sellers' account suspensions and how to get accounts back if you are suspended.

How to Stop Hijackers on Amazon

CJ shared at Global Sources Summit April 2017 ways to prevent your brand from being infringed by copyright violators, and how steps can be taken to protect your account from being suspended by Amazon

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