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Mastermind Experts

Mike Jackness

Zack Franklin
Founder, AMZKungfu

David Bryant
Partner, EComCrew

How it works

Mastermind for Advanced Sellers is more than a formal networking or an ordinary Q&A. This is an intensive session for you to present your hard-hitting business questions before eCommerce high-rollers, marketing experts and sourcing gurus.

Participants are split into two roundtables and attended to by a pair of experts, who will provide on-the-spot mentorship to you. After 90 minutes, the other pair of experts will sit in and dish their own advice. This format is designed for you to get four unique perspectives and learn from other like-minded, advanced sellers.


Is this a separate event from Global Sources Summit?
This event is fully integrated into the agenda of Global Sources Summit and takes place on 19 April 2018.

How do I sign up for Mastermind for Advanced Sellers?
At the registration page for Global Sources Summit, select the ticket type (either individual or group ticket) with Mastermind for Advanced Sellers.

What are the requirements to attend this session?
As this session is intended for advanced sellers, participants must have online sales of over US$20,000 per month or over $250,000 per year. You may be required to demonstrate proof of sales.