Chad Rubin

CEO & Co-founder, Skubana

Chad builds e-commerce businesses. Fresh out of UMASS and Wall Street, he took his family vacuum business online and built his own D2C e-commerce business, Crucial Vacuum. Grew it to 8-figures in 7 years and is a top 500 Amazon seller. He co-founded Skubana and built one of e-commerce's hottest operational and automation softwares. Chad was a founding member of Prosper Show, where he serves as a board member, Emeritus. He also wrote a book, Cheaper Easier Direct, and no surprise - it's available on Amazon.

Presentation Topic

Amazon Full-Funnel Conversion Rate Diagnostics to Maximize Your Reach, ROI and Revenue

Getting ranked higher on Amazon means more opportunity for sales, but views and clicks aren't enough. Are you improving your click through rates and conversion rates to maximize your profitability? By understanding Amazon’s A9 algorithm, you’ll be setting your products up for success and truly utilizing all that Amazon has to offer. In his presentation, Chad will cover the following:

• Understanding Amazon’s A9 search slgorithm
• How to create conversion rate optimized compelling content
• Case study of Amazon sellers’ optimized content that’s CRUSHING it
• How to get frequently purchased products together
• Amazon tools that’ll help you streamline optimizations

Offer for Summit attendees

10% off Skubana

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