Eddie Levine

President & Co-Founder, Wholesale Breakthrough

Eddie started Wholesale Breakthrough in 2012 and together with his business partner Greg, they operate from two large warehouses in Chicago, Illinois.  Eddie’s vision for success revolved around offering two distinct benefits. First, the company operates on nearly 30 channels worldwide, which results in greater coverage and extraordinary sales volumes for their vendors.  They also act as a distributor when selling B2B or to the major retailers who either cannot or will not buy from the manufacturer directly. Second, the company offers brand management and enforcement services which include listing creation, optimization, advertising, and IP/seller enforcement.
Eddie carries over 15 years of combined eCommerce and logistics experience, having worked for several Fortune 500 corporations.

Presentation Topic

Building A Wholesale Amazon Business Sourcing Branded Products

In just over 5 years, Eddie has morphed their eCommerce business into over 8 figures in revenue and operates through nearly 30 diverse sales channels worldwide. Eddie will discuss how he built the business from scratch, as well as the best practices for selling well known, branded products on Amazon in 2018 using the wholesale method.

Offer for Summit Attendees

25% off hourly 1/1 wholesale consulting services