Ivelin Demirov

CEO & Founder, River Cleaner

Ivelin is a highly respected Canadian serial entrepreneur. best selling author, and investor. He started his career as an industrial design engineer, a profession he abandoned for his love of entrepreneurship, initially selling on eBay and then moved to Amazon in 2008. Since 2001, he has started and sold multiple e-commerce and SaaS companies, and invented, designed and manufactured over 100 products. After 9 successfully delivered Kickstarter projects, he is now partnering with many inventors to launch a crowdfunding campaign and to sell on Amazon Launchpad. Ivelin is the host of the biggest Amazon sellers community in Canada and one of the top Amazon experts on Clarity.fm.

Presentation Topic

How To Kickstart Your Dying Private Label

In this presentation, Ivelin will talk about using crowdfunding platforms for evaluating, funding and popularizing your next Amazon product.

Offer for Summit Attendees

20% off at www.rivercleaner.com