Aron Raduly

Co-Founder, SentryKit

From Hungary to the UK then the world. Aron is a developer by trade, former Amazon seller and world traveller. He has a passion for start-ups and tech, having sold his Amazon business in 2016. In early 2017, Aron launched SentryKit, a tool that helps Amazon sellers with account monitoring and real-time sales info.

Presentation Topic

How $MM Sellers Build A Team To Run Their Business On Autopilot

Aron will give practical advice on how to build and manage a small remote team to handle the day-to-day tasks. He will share tips, tricks and tools million-dollar sellers use to achieve a stress-free business. He’ll drill down to: - What are the specific tasks your VA should do daily, and what to check weekly - Ready made SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) you can give to your VAs - Areas VAs don’t excel in, and you should do yourself - Time-wasting tasks people love and how to side-step them

Offer for Summit Attendees

Get SentryKit for $99 for an entire year (over 56% off) 
- 20 product listings: $99 for a year (over 56% off)
- Additional tiers (20 listings): $99 for a year (over 17% off)