Sean Smith

CEO & Founder, Jungle Hustle

Sean is the CEO and Founder of Jungle Hustle & PPC Agility. His agency has generated $6,858,252.47 in Amazon PPC sales for his clients. He loves helping his clients make money 💸💵 and hit their goals.

Presentation Topic

Amazon PPC Optimization Techniques Learned After Generating $6,858,252.47 in Amazon PPC Sales. That’s a lot of 💰

$6,858,252.47 in Amazon PPC sales. That’s how much Sean and his agency has generated for his clients. That’s a ton of money 💵 and data 📈. He has also spent countless hours talking to his clients and team members to learn the best ways to optimize and scale Amazon PPC. During his presentation, he will step away from his spreadsheets to share the most important techniques he’s learned after spending waaaay too much time with his ocean of data.

Offer for Summit Attendees

Free account audit + $1,000 off account setup fee