Speakers - Global Sources Summit, April 2018

Sean Smith

CEO & Founder, Jungle Hustle & PPC Agility

🤑 Sean is the CEO and Founder of Jungle Hustle & PPC Agility. His agency has generated $6,858,252.47 in Amazon PPC sales for his clients. He loves helping his clients make money 💸💵 and hit their goals.


Taylor Benterud

CEO & Founder, Better AMS

Taylor is the CEO and Founder of Better AMS and AMS Radar. His agency has generated over $3 million in sales at an average ACOS of 25% for his clients using only Headline Ads and Product Display Ads. When he’s not scaling his agency and making his clients more money, he enjoys taking online courses from his mentors learning new ways to grow both personally and financially.

Will Mitchell

Founder, StartupBros.com

By 16, Will had started a successful e-commerce business, and at 19 he helped launch Affluence – an exclusive social network for the ultra-wealthy. After the successful IPO of Affluence, he re-entered the world of e-commerce.

At 22, Will launched the personal blog that would eventually turn into StartupBros – a community of like-minded entrepreneurs on a quest to regain control of their lives and quit their 9-to-5 grinds.
StartupBros has since helped launch over 6,000 successful businesses from scratch.

Shelley Simone

Co-founder, Scaleforetail

Shelley is co-founder of Scaleforetail, a UK-based eCommerce training and consultancy business designed to support online businesses in the US and Europe. After an illustrious international corporate career in training and people development, Shelley came into e-commerce 3 years ago. She also has experience in retail, manufacturing and Internet business. Understanding how big companies work has been an advantage for Shelley in her ecommerce business. It’s meant that, when necessary, she has navigated her way through this organizational jungle and turned big companies into business partners rather than frenemies.

Richard Evans

Co-founder, Scaleforetail

Richard, together with his partner Shelley, has a successful ecommerce business with 3 private label brands, selling across North America and Europe. Before starting an Amazon business 3 years ago, Richard was a buyer for a leading international retailer and has many years’ experience of sourcing direct from China, as well as other countries in Asia. Richard’s expertise lies in making every day products different, as well as managing quality and supplier relationships.

KJ Robinson

Founder, JAKAB Solutions

After spending 16 years in the banking industry, KJ decided to follow an entrepreneurial path and started JAKAB Solutions, Inc in 2016. His company is already grossing seven figures annually. In his first year, a product he first sourced at the Global Sources show became a smash-hit. It was picked by Oprah, Rachael Ray, USA Today, Good Morning America, The View, and many others as a favorite thing and a must have. The buzz he has been able to create on his products has been amazing.


Zack Franklin

Founder, AMZKungfu

Zack, based in Shenzhen, has helped thousands of Chinese Sellers master Amazon and marketing during his time at Valuelink, one of the largest ecommerce companies in China. Zack generated more than $7.8 million on and off Amazon in the last year for Valuelink and recently left to create his own Amazon Marketing and Consulting Agency – AMZKungfu. Zack has been a featured speaker across China, speaking to more than 10,000 Sellers in the last year.


CJ Rosenbaum

Founder & Attorney, Rosenbaum Famularo P.C.

CJ started representing Amazon sellers when he learned that Amazon suspends sellers' accounts without reason. In any other business, you can simply rent another space if your store is closed down. When Amazon suspends you, they own the entire planet. His law firm Amazon Sellers Lawyer helps sellers address account suspensions, complaints and violations. His firm has branches in New York, London and Shenzhen. CJ holds executive positions at American Association for Justice and New York State Bar Association.


Alex Champagne

Director of Sales, Empire Flippers

Alex is a seasoned entrepreneur who likes solving problems and learning new things. After founding a web design & marketing company, he has successfully consulted companies ranging from startups to billion dollar oil and gas companies on how they can grow revenue online. Since then he has founded multiple other ventures. At Empire Flippers, he uses his experience to help buyers find and acquire online assets that best fit their goals. As the Sales Manager, he's responsible for overseeing all deals done between buyers and sellers at Empire Flippers. Alex is from Houston, Texas and refuses to stop talking about just how great he thinks it is.

Michael Hartman

Managing Partner, Innoventic Inc.

Michael has a long experience in marketing and finance with an MBA in International Taxation and with more than 7 years of experience in company formation in the US. In the past 5 years, his focus has moved to Amazon, now being a well-known PPC and Amazon scaling expert.

Caglar Cevikel

Director, Cosmos International (Shanghai) Co. Ltd

Caglar is an experienced business owner with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer electronics industry, and skilled in marketing management, negotiation, international business, pricing strategy, and consumer electronics. Caglar is a strong business development professional with a Wirtschaftsdeutsch (Business German) focused in Finance, General from Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf.

Aron Raduly

Co-founder, SentryKit

From Hungary to the UK then the world, Aron is a developer by trade, former Amazon seller and world traveller. He has a passion for start-ups and tech, having sold his Amazon business in 2016. In early 2017, Aron launched SentryKit, a tool that helps Amazon sellers with account monitoring and real-time sales info.

Ivelin Demirov

CEO & Founder, River Cleaner

Ivelin is a highly respected Canadian serial entrepreneur. best selling author, and investor. He started his career as an industrial design engineer, a profession he abandoned for his love of entrepreneurship, initially selling on eBay and then moved to Amazon in 2008. Since 2001, he has started and sold multiple e-commerce and SaaS companies, and invented, designed and manufactured over 100 products. After 9 successfully delivered Kickstarter projects, he is now partnering with many inventors to launch a crowdfunding campaign and to sell on Amazon Launchpad. Ivelin is the host of the biggest Amazon sellers community in Canada and one of the top Amazon experts on Clarity.fm.


Tommasso Tamburnotti

Co-founder, EasyShip

Tommaso is co-founder of Easyship, a platform that helps eCommerce stores to ship worldwide (internationally and locally). Stores can now save up to 70% with more than 100 different shipping options. Tommasso comes with global eCommerce and business experience including work for Nomura, investment bank in London, and as Marketplace Director at Rocket Internet for the Malaysia and Hong Kong offices. He was born and raised in Italy and holds a Bachelor and Master of Science from Bocconi University in Milan. He also studied at University of Richmond, USA, and Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Santiago, Chile.

David Bryant

Partner, EcomCrew

Dave has been importing from China for over 10 years and has developed several brands generating millions of dollars annually in sales. In 2016, he exited his ecommerce company and moved to China to recreate another brand in the offroad 4x4 market. He's also a former Amazon FBA employee of 5 days.    


Michael Quinn

Founder, Maveriq Brands LLC

It's always an adventure and laughs with Michael since he focuses more on a life of joy than growing a big business. Although his new Amazon business did $1m in sales in 2017. He keeps a great work/life balance while enjoying lots of travel, crazy adventures like wing walking, and the occasional onesie party. Former business lives included owning a website development firm and a 1000+ home property management firm. Now he focuses more on living a life of joy that includes having fun while mom and brothers play business with him.

Eddie Levine

President & Co-Founder, Wholesale Breakthrough

Eddie started Wholesale Breakthrough in 2012 and together with his business partner Greg, they operate from two large warehouses in Chicago, Illinois.  Eddie’s vision for success revolved around offering two distinct benefits. First, the company operates on nearly 30 channels worldwide, which results in greater coverage and extraordinary sales volumes for their vendors.  They also act as a distributor when selling B2B or to the major retailers who either cannot or will not buy from the manufacturer directly. Second, the company offers brand management and enforcement services which include listing creation, optimization, advertising, and IP/seller enforcement.
Eddie carries over 15 years of combined eCommerce and logistics experience, having worked for several Fortune 500 corporations.

Erick Rodriguez

Founder, Virtuous Graphics​

Erick has been doing eCommerce for 10+ years, since the early days when he did $24k in his first 3 months on eBay at the age of 13. In the pursuit of entrepreneurship he rejected traditional job opportunities at Google & Microsoft to take a one way flight to China to take his eCommerce endeavors to the next level. Erick is a current digital nomad, 6-figure monthly eCommerce seller, owner of a product photography studio in the Philippines that employs over a dozen people, and WalMart retail vendor in 1282 locations.    

Mike Jackness

CEO, Terran.com

Mike runs multiple 7-figure eCommerce brands and a blog / podcast called EcomCrew. He has been doing affiliate marketing, online marketing, SEO, ecommerce and advertising since 2004. During this time, he has built one 8-figure business and two 7-figure businesses from the ground up using lead magnets, free + shipping offers, contests and giveaways. His ecommerce brands include IceWraps.com, WildBaby.com, ColorIt.com, and Tactical.com. Mike is based out of sunny San Diego, CA with a satellite office in the Philippines.      


Chad Rubin

CEO & Co-Founder, Skubana

Chad builds e-commerce businesses. Fresh out of UMASS and Wall Street, he took his family vacuum business online and built his own D2C e-commerce business, Crucial Vacuum. Grew it to 8-figures in 7 years and is a top 500 Amazon seller. He co-founded Skubana and built one of e-commerce's hottest operational and automation softwares. Chad was a founding member of Prosper Show, where he serves as a board member, Emeritus. He also wrote a book, Cheaper Easier Direct, and no surprise - it's available on Amazon.

Brock Johnson

CEO, Official Brock Johnson LLC

Brock is a 25-year-old entrepreneur who has been selling on the Internet since he was 12 years old. He started selling on Amazon 3 years ago and started private label in 2017. In his first 6 months of private label sales, he did over $6 million in sales on Amazon.com through his Solar Eclipse Brand.


Joel Isaacs

Creative Director & Amazon Seller

Joel is a creative director for product photography and an Amazon seller.


Jason Ho

Vice President, Integrated Business Development, Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Ltd

Jason Ho is the Vice President – Integrated Business Development of Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited. He works with Intertek in the Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification industry over 17 years and has extensive experience in leading the team to develop new services for serving the industries ranging from electronic, wireless to textile and apparel. Recently, he is managing the smart clothing and wearable product business and provides total quality assurance to the customers’ R&D and supply chain.


Tim Arrington

COO, My Audio Solutions and JAKAB Solutions, Inc

Tim has helped shepherd JAKAB Solutions on its quick rise to the top of its industry and continues to be instrumental in the company’s success. Tim's skills, knowledge and enthusiasm have proven a vital asset to the successful development and launch of multiple product lines and the management of world class customer service, logistics, fulfillment, eCommerce and wholesale partnerships. Before joining JAKAB Solutions, Tim enjoyed success in the Payment Processing industry. He is also accomplished in private industry and entrepreneurship creating and managing several prosperous companies. 


Habib Rkha


Habib Rkha has over 10 years of experience in quality control with Chinese suppliers and buyers from around the world. His experience spans a wide range of product categories. He is the founder of QCADVISOR, an agency providing quality control solutions for retail, distribution and e-commerce entrepreneurs in China, with a constant focus on delivering the best product to the end user. Habib is a certified auditor and he’s been taking part in Global Sources fairs in Hong Kong since 2012 as a speaker on Quality Control. Prior to launching QCADVISOR, Habib worked as a Quality and Engineering director for a leading 3rd party Quality Control company. Habib is based in Shenzhen, China.


Guido Jackels

Founder & Managing Director, Sonrisa Ventures

Guido is the founder and managing director of Hong Kong-based Sonrisa Ventures, an official Shopify Partner. Sonrisa Ventures is a one-stop-shop for launching brands in Europe via localised Shopify websites and via Amazon marketplaces. Guido speaks four languages and has a passion for eCommerce and entrepreneurship. In his free time, he's an avid traveller and sports aficionado. If you want connect with him on LinkedIn click here: 


Mark Miazga

COO, Better AMS

Mark overseas all day-to-day operations at Better AMS. He manages keyword bid changes and account optimization for over 20 Amazon businesses, and has overseen over $1,000,000 in ad spend in the last 4 months alone. Apart from work, Mark enjoys spending time with his 2 dogs, going to the gym, and living in Panama City.