Global Sources Summit is a 3-day conference for online and Amazon sellers. The agenda in April 2018's Summit was designed to equip sellers with the essential tools they need based on their background. Whether you're just starting to sell online, transitioning to eCommerce, or a seasoned Amazon seller, there's something to gain for everyone.

You've already been selling online and/or on Amazon for a while, and you're now looking to scale and automate your business.

You'll particularly appreciate strategies to further cut costs and extend your profits.

You're starting out or relatively new to eCommerce, and looking to break through with an anchor product.

You could use more guidance in the foundations of private labelling, including strategies to source smarter and avoid manufacturing pitfalls.

You're an established/ represent a retailer. You're looking to refine your business model and source for the next best-selling product to private label.

You're also keen on exploring other marketplaces (both online and offline) to sell on.

You're an established offline brand, hoping to enter eCommerce through the most cost and process-efficient route

You'll benefit most from topics that teach you selling best practices.


"If you want to know the ins and outs of sourcing, how to make sure you find good suppliers and have good quality products, [Global Sources Summit] is the place to be!"

Peter Luxenberg, Global Sources Summit April 2017 attendee