Global Sources Summit

For online & Amazon sellers
Co-located with trade shows

April 17 - 19, 2017, Hong Kong

  • Learn actionable strategies to grow your online and Amazon business
  • Get insider tips on successful China importing 
  • Hear from experts: Multimillion-dollar online sellers, successful e-commerce entrepreneurs, sourcing experts, and more 
  • Network with like-minded online sellers
  • Connect with importing service providers 
  • Meet China exporters face-to-face at co-located trade shows
  • Source from 3,000+ booths of gifts, home products & mobile electronics

Mike’s Blog about the Summit

In this video blog, Michael Michelini from Global From Asia takes a tour of the October 2016 Summit and trade shows.


     Andrea Johnson

     Will Tjernlund

Ashish Monga

Chris Thomas

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Who Should Attend

  • Online sellers who want to grow their existing online or Amazon business
  • Anyone who wants to source Private Label products from China
  • Sellers with some Amazon and online selling experience will find the content most useful
  • All skill levels will benefit immensely from the networking and sourcing at trade shows

Highlights from the Agenda
  • Confessions of an Amazon Private Label seller. A case study by KJ Robinson, whose product got featured on Oprah’s favorite things list of 2016, and USA Today’s 10 must-haves.

  • How to create a thriving off-Amazon eCommerce business with product sales funnels. By Bryan Bowman of AMZ Profit Pros.

  • Automation - The secret sauce to scale on Amazon. By Bernie Thompson, multimillion-dollar Amazon seller and author. Featured on Amazon's YouTube channel, and his FBA company, Plugable Technologies, was mentioned in Jeff Bezos’ shareholder letter.

  • Quality control strategy and tools for Amazon FBA sellers. By Renaud Anjoran, THE most well-known quality control professional in China.

  • How to leverage Chinese law and contracts to your advantage when sourcing. By Mike Bellamy, one of our top-rated speakers at the October Summit.

  • Lessons learned from visiting electronics factories. By Dr. Neale O’Connor, who has conducted the largest ever survey of Chinese manufacturers.

More topics to be announced... 

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CJ Rosenbaum, Esq. 


CJ started representing Amazon sellers when he learned that Amazon suspends sellers' accounts without reason. In any other business, you can simply rent another space if your store is closed down. When Amazon suspends you, they own the entire planet. His law firm Amazon Sellers Lawyer helps sellers address account suspensions, complaints and violations. His firm has branches in New York, London and Shenzhen. CJ’s new book “Your Guide to Amazon Suspensions” is due in January 2017. He holds executive positions at American Association for Justice and New York State Bar Association.


Sam Boyd

CEO, Guided Imports

Based in Shenzhen, China, Sam has assisted e-commerce companies in growing their businesses to tens of millions of dollars in revenue by managing all aspects of operations in Asia. Sam and his team assist importers in sourcing, manufacturing, QC and logistics through their streamlined services.


KJ Robinson

Founder, JAKAB Solutions, Inc.

After spending 16 years in the banking industry, KJ decided to follow an entrepreneurial desire and started JAKAB Solutions, Inc in 2016. KJ attended the Global Sources Summit in April 2016, and is now returning as a speaker to share his incredible success story. His company is already grossing over $1 million annually. And a product he first sourced at the Global Sources show has been featured on Oprah’s favorite things list of 2016 and USA Today’s 10 must-haves.


Mike Bellamy

Founder, PassageMaker Sourcing Solutions

Mike came to Asia in 1993 and is now responsible for sourcing $200 million of product on behalf of his clients at his boutique sourcing agency - PassageMaker. Mike has supported customers in the supply chains of Apple, Wal-Mart, Dell, Home Depot and of course Amazon. Mike will talk about how to leverage Chinese law & contracts to your advantage when sourcing.


Michael Hartman

European Director, Inc. Plan (USA)

Michael Hartman is an American living in Romania who help setup over 1000 US Amazon companies and other online business. He provides a niche for outsourcing amazon business operations. 


Erick Rodriguez

CEO, Virtuous Graphics

Erick has been doing e-commerce since he was 13 years old on the good old days of, in the pursuit of entrepreneurship he rejected traditional job opportunities at Google & Microsoft to take a flight to China and take his e-commerce endeavors to the next level. Erick is a current digital nomad, 6-figure Amazon seller and owner of; a product photography and graphic design company focused on Amazon sellers. 


Neil Gwartzman

Founder, Private Label University

Neil has been sourcing, manufacturing and importing products from around the world for the last 30 years. He has worked with some of the largest retail stores to bring products to market. Neil and his business partner and wife Karen, have created the Private Label University, where entrepreneurs can learn how to source, import and private label products.


Bernie Thompson

CEO, Efficient Era Corporation

Bernie is the founder of a multi-million dollar private-label electronics brand on Amazon, that has grown every year since 2009. He is the Founder of Efficient Era, a SaaS platform that provides automation and analytics tools for Amazon sellers. He is the author of the book "Flywheels and Feedback Loops: A Guide to Success for Amazon Private-Label Sellers.


Renaud Anjoran

Founder, Sofeast Ltd

Renaud has been managing a quality assurance, engineering, and supply chain management agency, Sofeast Ltd, since 2006. His team typically works for SMEs and provides a broad range of services on the ground, from factory audits to production followup and from QC checklist definition to supplier improvement projects. He writes advice for importers on


Dr. Neale G O'Connor

Co-founder, China Sourcing Academy

Neale has spent 18 years in Hong Kong where he researches the modernization processes of Chinese firms, examining issues such as performance measurement, order qualification, and innovation. His 'China 1000' project is the largest ever survey of operational risk issues for foreign buyers and Chinese suppliers. He is also the Cofounder of China Sourcing Academy, a complete training system for professional buyers seeking to source from China.


Bryan Bowman

CEO, AMZ Profit Pros

Bryan Bowman is an SEO/PPC & Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) consultant for Amazon sellers. He is a Certified ClickFunnels Consultant and helps sellers enhance PPC, optimize organic rank, drive outside traffic, fine tune product listings, and more. In his podcast at AMZ Profit Pros, he discusses strategies for driving traffic to product listings while maximizing conversion rates.


Brian Pitchford

Founder & CEO, Accelerated Sourcing

Brian started his career managing global electronic manufacturers and OEMs in supply chain, sourcing and logistics. Managing accounts has taken him to Korea, Taiwan, China and Australia where he deepened his knowledge of the sourcing game. Accelerated Sourcing utilizes his global contacts and infrastructure to assist individuals and companies to source from China.


Mike Vranjkovic

Marketplace Manager, Empire Flippers

Mike is the Managing Partner at Empire Capital where he manages and runs investment funds and a holding company for online businesses. He was previously the Marketplace Manager at Empire Flippers where he facilitated more than a dozen sales of FBA businesses ranging from $50K to $1.5M. Empire Flippers is an Inc. 500 company, which is the #1 curated marketplace for buying/selling established and profitable online businesses.


Karen Gwartzman

Founder, Private Label University

Karen has been building businesses in a range of industries — from fashion to health care — for more than 25 years. An educator at heart, Karen has mentored countless entrepreneurs. Karen started private labeling products over 15 years ago, even before the excitement of Amazon. She co-founded the Private Label University for entrepreneurs who are looking to play in the physical product industry at the same level as the “big guys”.

More speakers to be announced...

Meet Suppliers at Co-located Shows

79,000+ buyers from 153 countries and territories visited 8,500 booths at our October 2016 trade shows in Hong Kong. Be the first to meet suppliers at our April 2017 shows, source the latest products, and start selling them on Amazon.

Global Sources Mobile Electronic Sourcing Show
Global Sources Mobile Electronic Sourcing Show

After visiting the Global Sources show, you can stay in Asia longer to visit factories, meet up and evaluate QC and logistics providers, and visit other shows in Hong Kong and China. 

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The October 2016 Summit

The 2nd Global Sources Summit for online & Amazon sellers was held on October 17-19 at AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong. The event received enthusiastic response from attendees and speakers. Attendees ranged from new online sellers to million-dollar sellers. About 25% of attendees reported online sales of over $1 million per year, while almost one-third had sales of over $100,000 per year. Attendees were from a range of countries including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Egypt, Philippines and Japan. Twenty two speakers gave presentations on sourcing and e-commerce best practices.

Read key take-aways from the October Summit

See Agenda of the October Summit


Will Tjernlund: How to build a Private Label brand through wholesale:

Drew Addington from Anker talks about brand building on Amazon and how the company grew to $300 million in revenue:

Dr. Ann Leung from AsiaInspection discusses product compliance:

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More Testimonials

3 to 4 months of learning time saved...

"We reached $25,000 monthly revenues within 4 months after attending the Global Sources Summit and show. The Summit saved us 3 to 4 months of learning time. We met most of the suppliers we are using at the Global Sources show. A product we first sourced at the show has been featured on Oprah’s favorite things list of 2016 and USA Today’s 10 must-haves."

KJ Robinson
Global Sources Summit Attendee

Definitely consider going...

"Anyone who didn't make this year should definitely considering going to the next one! It's only been 1 day so far and we have already learned a TON!"

Greg Mercer, JungleScout
Global Sources Summit Speaker

     James Gao

     Kenny Edwards

     Harold Sotomayor

     T Will Zhanje

Hanan Saleeb

Ashley Lee

Scott Dyer

I've Got a Question

1.  Where should I stay?  

We have liaised with hotels near the venue so Summit attendees will get discounted room rates. More info on the Venue & Hotels page.

2.  What airport should I fly into?  

You should fly into the Hong Kong Airport.

3.  Do I need a visa for Hong Kong?  

Check on the Hong Kong Immigration department page and expand the Part II triangle.  United States, UK, Australian and most European citizens can enter Hong Kong for up to 90 days without a visa, as long as your passport has 6 months validity.

4.  Do I need a visa for mainland China?  

Most foreign nationals do need a Visa for mainland China.  

5.  What other shows are happening during the same time frame?  

Here is an overview of the Hong Kong and Guangzhou April 2017 Trade Shows.  

6.  Where can I learn more about the Global Sources Trade Shows?  

You can learn about all Global Sources shows here, and the October 18 - 21 Mobile Electronics show and October 18 - 21 Gifts & Home shows here.   

7. Where can I learn more about sourcing before the event?

Get smart sourcing tips on  and join the Smart China Sourcing Facebook group to get sourcing updates and practical advice from experts.

8. How do I get updates about the Global Sources Summit?
Sign up to our mailing list to get updated on speakers and conference topics as they are confirmed.

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More from Global Sources

1. Find products and suppliers year round at


2. Meet Suppliers face-to-face at Global Sources' April 2017 Exhibitions: 

April 11 - 14:  Electronics
April 18 - 21:  Mobile Electronics

April 18 - 21:  Gifts & Home

April 27 - 30:  Fashion

3. Read China sourcing best practices from practitioners at

4. Join the Smart China Sourcing Facebook Group to get sourcing updates

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